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Rose Ferguson Decodes Collagen

Rose Ferguson, supermodel-turned-nurtitionist gives her hot tips on collagen...

Rose Ferguson, supermodel-turned-nutritionist gives her hot tips on collagen...


Rose decodes Collagen in a hot minute...

There are more supplements about collagen than you can shake a stick at. 

Collagen is an amazing substance that supports our joints, our skin, our ligaments… everything in our body - our gut lining, all our mucous membranes and so it’s a fantastic substance to incorporate into your diet or into your supplementing.

What I am wary about with the perception of collagen is that it is not necessarily going to go directly to your skin. A lot of people think it’s going to go straight to your skin and iron out all your wrinkles! It will go where it needs to - if your gut lining needs a bit of help it will go there…

The important thing about collagen is to find the right source - you can get bovine, and marine, and there are some vegan ones - Ancient & Brave are great for all. 

For bovine, look for types 1 and 3- they are the best for your skin and for joint and bone health. You want to have hydrolysed peptides and make sure you get grass-fed.  

Food sources such as bone broth are also a really good way to get some l collagen in.

Collagen Tips from Rose


 Realise that collagen will go where it needs to go (not always skin first)


Know your source - grass-fed is best for bovine, wild-caught best for marine


Make sure to get collagen that has Hydrolysed Peptides 


Food sources such as bone broth are a great way to introduce collagen into your diet

Rose Ferguson is a 90’s supermodel-turned-Nutritionist and Functional Medicine Practitioner to the A-List and beyond.  After 15 successful years of modelling for brands such as Miu Miu, Prada, Galliano, Chanel, Versace and McQueen, Rose’s passion for nutrition led her back to college to study, where she qualified in naturopathy and nutrition. She went on to study Functional Medicine at the Institute of Functional Medicine in the US and is now a certified IFM practitioner. She continues her study and is due to complete an MSc in Advanced Nutrition in 2023. 

Rose has been practising for over 10 years and runs clinics on Harley Street, at the Lanserhof London, and online. She is a regular contributor to British Vogue, Founder of the 5 Day Plan and author of ‘Juice’, which includes 100 juice recipes to support the body with the demands of modern-day life. She is renowned for her effective and doable philosophy and method and is the Queen of the food plan!


Follow Rose for more hot tips on nutrition and wellness at @rosemaryferguson_