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Post summer skin rescue

Jeanie Scott tells us how to tackle post summer skin ...

As the sun begins to glow a little less, we need slightly more help to make our skin glow a little more.  Skincare guru Jeanie Scott helps us get back on track as we head into Autumn.


The main complaints with skin health at the end of a long, hot summer are redness, irritation, dehydration, dryness, dullness, hyperpigmentation and breakouts. And this is because exposure to higher temperatures, changes in humidity and stronger UV can play havoc with your skin’s precious barrier function. But the best news is that there are very simple, gentle and affordable ways to get that barrier functioning perfectly again.

Here are my top three:
1) remove your makeup with a gentle oil or balm so that you lift all of the debris without stripping the acid mantle. I love Votary's Rose Geranium and Apricot cleansing oil.  Do a second cleanse with a creamy or oil-based formula. Making sure the skin is thoroughly (but gently) cleansed is paramount so that any breakout-triggering bacteria and excess oils and sweat are removed and so that your skin is at its optimum state to absorb the next stage of your skincare. 


2) I love a PHA exfoliant for this end-of-season. Polyhydroxy Acids work to break down the bonds of dead cells in the same way as an AHA - only gentler. They remove the layer of dull dead cells, promoting cell turnover and revealing bright and dewy skin with no compromise to barrier function.  I love The Inkey List PHA toner (save) or Zelens PHA exfoliating pads(splurge)


3) Before moisturiser and SPF, slather on some Niacinamide. This Vitamin B3 in a serum form is just a WONDER for evening out skin tone, balancing irregular oil production AND is a humectant, meaning it hydrates the skin. A little hero all year round but especially now. Paula’s Choice is brilliant as they do 10% and 20%
Jeanie Scott is a skin therapist, CIDESCO accredited based in Oxfordshire.