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Wellness My Way - Rose Ferguson

Functional Nutritionist & Elle Cover Girl...

Curious about what wellness really means to us all, we’re on a mission to uncover how small and seismic wellness shifts can change our everyday lives - from attitudes to rituals, products to mindsets, treatments to movements, we’ll cover it all with some (not)guilty pleasures thrown in for good measure. Because wellness isn’t a fad, it’s a commitment to yourself, and to feeling healthier and happier for life.

This month we asked our favourite wellness guru and 'queen of the reset' - functional medical practitioner, nutritionist (and recent Elle cover girl!),  Rose Ferguson to tell us how she prioritises wellness and her tips and go-tos (& don't miss her Jan Plan reset!)

Nature is my reset button. There's something about fresh air and greenery that strips away the complexities of modern life and brings things back to basics...

What does wellness mean to you?
Wellness for me is about being realistically balanced. It's acknowledging that life is messy and that well-being isn't about perfection but about making better choices where possible.

Any tips on fitting a wellness ritual into your busy schedule?
When it comes to integrating wellness into a busy life - it should just be part of life, taking care of yourself in what can be a very stressful world. If things really are busy and you can’t find time to do your journal or meditate, then I am always up for a 'grab it when you can' approach. If you've got 5 minutes while the kettle boils, do some stretches. If you're on hold on the phone, that's a moment to breathe and center yourself.

Of all the wellness areas - mind, body, spirit, which are you drawn to most?
In terms of wellness focus, I am drawn to them all. Mind often gets my top vote though, because it's the command center for everything we do. If the mind isn't looked after, the rest tends to follow suit.
Do you regularly exercise? What do you do for exercise?
For exercise, I'm partial to a good run. It clears the head and gets the heart pumping, and there's nothing like the feeling of the wind on your face to make you feel alive. If I am not running then I will do something for 20 minutes – pilates, weights, yoga – just a bit of movement.
How does nature connect to wellness for you?
Nature is my reset button. There's something about fresh air and greenery that strips away the complexities of modern life and brings things back to basics.

Do you meditate? Or what’s your version of ‘you time’ to get away from the noise and to-do lists…?
I do meditate and do a LOT of breathwork throughout the day, but I also LOVE listening to my favourite music and dancing around the house – it makes me smile! It's about joy and remembering not to take everything so seriously.
A treatment, practice, or ritual that has changed your life?
The one ritual that's been a game-changer for me is simple - sleep! Prioritising decent sleep has done wonders for my health, mood, and productivity.

Facialist? And any recent treatments you’ve loved?
As for skincare, I am a big fan of things like micro needling – I love Nilam Holmes and Teresa Tarmey, they have taught me so much about how to get the skin working to stay plump and toned!
A book or author that you’re inspired by in wellness?
Inspirational reading material comes from all over – not sure if I can pick one –  Podcasts? I like Kara Fitzgerald – New Frontiers of Functional Medicine
What foods do you love to eat/prepare that make you feel your best?
Food-wise, I'm all about flavour. Spices are my best friends in the kitchen, turning a bland dish into something that packs a punch. I seem to be making a lot of curries at the moment!
Any tips for nutritional snacking?!
I don’t really snack to be honest – but if I do, nuts and seeds are my go-to's. They're easy, quick, and keep me going between meals.

What daily beauty products do you swear by?
What you eat I would say is as important as what you put on your skin, good fats, hydration brightly coloured fruit and veg.

Do you take any regular supplements?                                                                                                                                                                                      
The Supplements I take changes often, it is an occupational hazard! Plus I always want to try them before I use them in clinic with patients.  The supplements I am taking at the moment – are Lyma, vitamin D, Urolitahn A, and some spermidine.

What’s your typical morning ritual (on a good wellness morning)?
A good morning – is up, meditate, journal, move, cold shower, dress, Matcha, and breakfast, and ready.  In the evening, I try to switch off the tech – I am not always successful with that – I love to have a long bath and a read before bed – (I do love a movie in bed too though!)
A weekly ritual you have made or intend to make that is just for you? 
A long walk, come rain or shine. It's non-negotiable – even if it is just once a week!
Fave workout gear...?
Quote or Mantra? 
A quote that sticks with me is, "Progress, not perfection."

Practicing nutrition and functional medicine for over 10 years it has become apparent to to Rose that the road to optimum health is a journey, one that is very individual, measured and consistent. Rose is there to support you on your personal wellness journey, helping you make healthier choices daily.

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