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Wellness My Way - Sarah Corbett-Winder

We want to know where she gets her energy & so much more...

Curious about what wellness really means to us all, we’re on a mission to uncover how small and seismic wellness shifts can change our everyday lives - from attitudes to rituals, products to mindsets, treatments to movements, we’ll cover it all with some guilty pleasures thrown in for good measure. Because wellness isn’t a fad, it’s a commitment to yourself, and to feeling healthier and happier for life.

This month, we asked Sarah Corbett-Winder AKA The Wardrobe Whisperer to tell us where on earth she gets her energy (we'll have what she's having!), plus daily tips & tricks for wellness as a very busy stylist, founder of new label, Kipper Club and mother of three small children…

I also march whenever I walk somewhere and always walk up the escalators. It's like a free workout class - right? So why wouldn't you?

What does wellness mean to you? 
Being in a happy place, I think everything is pillared around our wellness. If you are in a good place you can take on anything and laugh instead of cry at the challenges that life throws at you. It's super important to me and my world really crumbles when I don't look after it, my husband Ned would be nodding his head right now!

How do you approach wellness? 
Like I would get my haircut or have my nails done. It's a necessity. 
Any tips on fitting a wellness ritual into your busy schedule? 
Get up early, not only do you then start your day off to an amazing start, but it’s then done.  For me, doing something in the evening is a lovely idea/the icing on the cake but not something that I can rely on doing. 
Of all the wellness areas - mind, body, spirit, which are you drawn to most?
I am not going to say one because they are all equally important to me. The mind because being in a good space in my head is key to a happy time, and the body because it feels so good to move and be proud of what your body can do. I would say that I am particularly in touch with the spirit world and have friends and family that are no longer physically here but appear daily with me. It's great, it's like a constant party! And I often see/feel things before they happen, I can never work out if this a good thing... For me, nourishing each of these wellness areas is key. 
Do you regularly exercise? What do you love doing for exercise?
I do a Melissa Wood pilates class every morning (some weekends I have off) I love her so much! She put me in a fab headspace, isn't annoying, looks amazing and has excellent workout gear. I wear arm and leg weights at all times, I actually might start wearing them while I'm at home. Our miniature sausage dog, Margaret always watches me and our children sometimes sneak out of their bedrooms and join in! I also march whenever I walk somewhere and always walk up the escalators. It's like a free workout class - right? So why wouldn't you?


How does nature connect to wellness for you?
I grew up in the countryside, so trees and lots of green grass and hearing nature are really important to me. We often escape from London on the weekends.   If we don't I begin to feel a bit like a caged animal -  it's not a good look! We will often go for a walk in Hampstead Heath - but it's not quite the same as country air - you just can't beat it. I always feel refreshed and 'ready' after a weekend away. The dream is the air by the sea.
Do you meditate? Or what’s your version of ‘you time’ to get away from the noise and to-do lists…?
You'll laugh but I'm too busy to meditate! What I really LOVE is going to our dressing room and putting my headset on and filming a video about an outfit or piece of clothing that I particularly love. I get lost in my world of performing with clothes that I love, and I get such joy afterwards, as I know that I can then share it. Getting into bed is when I can really switch off, so I am constantly trying to get into bed earlier.
A treatment, practice or ritual that has changed your life?
Realising that it can't always be perfect! I am a serious perfectionist and it's hard when you make such unrealistic expectations for yourself and even harden with 3 young kids. Life throws enough challenges at you and I have really learnt the importance of being kind to yourself
Facialist? And any recent treatments you’ve loved?
Charlotte Connoley honestly has magical hands - I would like to say I have had A LOT of facials and Charlotte is the ABSOLUTE business. 
A book or author that you’re inspired by in wellness?
It has to be Anya Hindmarch's book 'If In Doubt Wash Your Hair' - it really made a difference to the way I see and do things. Not only is Anya someone that I aspire to but I adore her honesty with herself in this book. She's very realistic with what she expects from herself. Something that I am definitely working on!
What foods do you love to eat/prepare that make you feel your best?
I eat an avocado a day and have a serious soft spot for sea bass - my brain and my body love it. And I'll always be thankful for bone broth - jazzed up with pak choi, ginger, turmeric, pomegranate, lots of seeds and of course sea bass!
Any tips for nutritional snacking?!
Nuts, nuts and nuts - my nut bill is out of control - gosh they're expensive but very very good for us. I drink a glass of water when I'm after a snack - your mind can often trick you and it's
always good to hydrate. Anything with nut butter (I am particularly partial to white almond butter) is always a delightful snack - frozen banana, peach, apple, seeded oatcakes.
I am focusing on being more focused when I need to work and giving myself time out/off in the evenings. I think of it as re-fueling, so I can then motor on the next day...
What daily beauty products do you swear by?
I couldn't live without my Current Body LED face mask and am currently obsessed with Seed to Skin The AlcheMist - a super active serum spray - you can feel it instantly adding goodness to your skin. 
Do you take any regular supplements? 
I am such a sucker for supplements so YES. Currently, I am taking a Nordic Collagen Shot daily - I've been taking it for a while and really rate it. I take a Biome probiotic. And also Bio Kult - Mind when I'm feeling overwhelmed by life. I also take Together Health - Turmeric capsule and Cod Liver oil daily. 
What’s your typical morning ritual (on a good wellness morning)?
Getting up before our house wakes up, and lying on our kitchen floor with a full jade face mask that lives in the fridge and I then add an amethyst eye mask on top. You can never have too many crystals on your face can you?! I concentrate on my breathing and all the wonderful things that I have to be grateful for. Then a green tea - with lashings of apple cider vinegar, butters, rosemary and peppermint (all good for our gut) and then pilates with my favourite Melissa Wood. Followed by a hot and blast of cold (2 minutes) and always singing appallingly shower. And then my absolute favourite part of my morning - getting dressed. I love having a play in our wardrobe and preparing/focusing for my day. I love it when our kids come and help me, it's always sparkly gold heels on a Monday morning! Very me!
Evening ritual (on a good wellness day)?
I'm really focusing on this at the moment. I've been spending so many of my evenings working, and it's not good for my mental state. Having a really hot bath with lots of oils and potions in and then in bed by 9pm is the dream. I read my book and then eye mask on and good night! And then I'm way more productive the next day and often get up early to have those extra hours beavering away. I am focusing on being more focused when I need to work and giving myself time out/off in the evenings. I think of it as re-fueling, so I can then motor on the next day.
A weekly ritual you have made or intend to make that is just for you? 
Get into bed earlier. Smile more and really enjoy that journey.
Fave workout gear...?
The Upside - they really do take workout gear to the next level, they have some terribly chic crochet! Matches have the best edit.
Dream travel + wellness escape? 
Travel - desperate to go to Soneva Fushi with Ned for a serious escape from reality. And for wellness - have you seen The Rooster in Antiparos? It looks SENSATIONAL!
Quote or Mantra? 
I want to say Mantra but I'm a Quote's kind of girl. Or maybe I'm more a 'Missions' kind of girl. I have 5 'Missions' written on my desk. 
Your guilty pleasure?
Tequila, straight on ice with LOTS of fresh lime and ice cream - peanut butter or pistachio - Hackney Gelato currently has me under their thumb!