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Wellness My Way - Willow Crossley

In our new monthly feature, Willow shares the rituals, products & mindsets on her quest for wellness...

Curious about what wellness really means to people, we’re on a mission to uncover how small and seismic wellness shifts can really change our everyday lives - from attitudes to rituals, products to mindsets, treatments to movements, we’ll cover it all with some guilty pleasures thrown in for good measure. Because wellness isn’t a fad, it’s a commitment to yourself, and to feeling healthier and happier for life.

To kick off our new monthly feature, ‘Wellness, My Way’, we asked Willow to spill the (healthy) beans on her approach to wellness...


I take quite a relaxed approach to wellness but there are things that I cant live without, like a daily walk...

What does wellness mean to you?
It means feeling energised, pain-free, mentally calm, clear skin, springy!

How do you approach wellness? 
I don't really have any rules. I take quite a relaxed approach to it but there are things that I can't live without, like a daily walk. I try and eat well; not too much sugar, don't drink too much alcohol, lots of veg, go to bed at a time that will (hopefully) give me seven hours sleep and not too much screen time. I've found myself spending more time at a computer in the last couple of years and consciously making myself leave my phone upstairs in the evening so I'm not attached to my phone.

Tips on fitting a wellness ritual into your busy schedule?
Schedule it into your day like it's a meeting. I sometimes feel guilty for taking time out to do an exercise class or walk with a friend but slowly realising that it’s not a guilty pleasure but something essential to making me feel better and therefore everything else works better too.

Of all the wellness areas - mind, body, spirit, which are you drawn to most?
The Mind.

Do you regularly exercise? What do you love doing to keep fit?
I do a daily (very fast) walk. Try and play tennis or Padel every Friday, followed by a cold water swim. I only last about 4 seconds but love how it makes me feel. I love the idea of yoga more than the actual practice; I get a bit bored and much prefer something faster and more energetic like cardio dance!

How does nature connect to wellness for you?
I really find my mental state suffers if I can't get out in nature. I find being out in the woods, surrounded by those trees so healing. It's my reset button.

Do you meditate? Or what’s your version of ‘you time’ to get away from the noise and to-do lists…?
I struggle to meditate. I've tried and am desperate to get into it as know it would be so good for me but I find it really hard. I can't shut out the noise! I've just downloaded the deliciously Ella app and hoping she’ll be able to convert me.

Facialist? And any recent treatments you’ve loved?
Jeanie Scott in her magic shed is wonderful and I go to her regularly. I recently had a hydra facial which I thought was brilliant and I'm going to try to have one every few months.

A podcast to share on wellness themes? 
The Glucose Goddess on Diary of a CEO is fascinating.

What foods do you love to eat/prepare that make you feel your best?
I drink Apple Cider Vinegar every day and eat as many vegetables as I can.

Any tips for nutritional snacking?!
If you can be organised (rarely in my case) chopped vegetables ready to go in the fridge in pretty glass Tupperware and glass jars full of nuts and seeds make it easier not to head straight for the chocolate biscuits.

Do you take any regular supplements?
For Jugglers from Beauty Pie. 5 HTP & Ashwagandha 

Photography: Genevieve Stevenson

Morning ritual (on a good wellness morning)?
Try not to look at my phone first thing. In the term time, I set my alarm half an hour earlier than I get the boys up. I love that 30 minutes of quiet before the world wakes up, totally to myself

Evening ritual (on a good wellness day)?
A bath with a facemask. I alternate between an exfoliating & hydrating one from Dermalogica and a Nourishing one from Chantecaille. Then ten minutes lying on the floor with a CurrentBody LED face mask, then some reading and lights out before 10.30pm (dream world)

Fave workout gear…
Tory Sport all the way. I love the fabric she uses for her leggings

Dream travel + wellness escape?
I would love to go on one of Fiona Arrigo’s retreats

Guilty pleasure?
Cake.  And Chocolate Leibenz biscuits
I find being out in the woods, surrounded by those trees so healing. It's my reset button...