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Teresa Tarmey - the facialist you need to know

Teresa Tarmey spills some of her skincare secrets and is now in residence at Daylesford...

Teresa Tarmey knows skin. And she's now sharing her incredible knowledge in residence at the Bamford Spa at Daylesford Farm.

With over 25 years of experience, referred to as a “super-facialist” by Vogue and the global skin expert for Dior, Teresa is known for her results-driven, less-is-more philosophy. Operating out of Notting Hill and now the Cotswolds too, Teresa's clinics offer cutting-edge bespoke treatments. She has also created a range of skincare products designed to bring the unique clinic experience and know-how to homes across the world. 

Here we ask Teresa to spill some of her skincare secrets...
Teresa Tarmey knows skin. She has worked in the industry for 25 years and has nearly 50,000 hours of hands-on experience. One of the world’s most sought-after skincare and laser experts, Vogue calls her the “Super Facialist”...
Tell us more about your treatments - should people come to you for anything in particular?
I always say whatever the age or skin type, we always make a difference to the skin, even in one session. We then tailor the facial to the individual. We’re known for results and work with many different machines to target things such as pigmentation removal, broken capillaries and general anti-ageing. Our latest one is EmFace which is great for facial muscle tightening that a lot of machines can’t target. This is a medical device with great results.

Your Top 3 suncream products for the face?
Heliocare, Neostrata sheer hydration and La Roche Posse.

Your daily skincare routine?
My personal routine is simple, which is how I believe it should be. Double cleanse at night, gentle retinol and then a serum. Am - cleanse once, serum and SPF 50. I like to choose a serum that has all the active ingredients my skin needs as opposed to lots of different products and having to layer. I personally don’t use a moisturiser but that’s not to say one shouldn’t, it all depends on the client.

3 favourite anti-ageing tips
1. SPF is key, it protects you against all the harmful rays that damage and age the skin.
2. Retinol is an amazing anti-ageing treatment that is hands down the best in the business. Regular treatments such as gentle peels and micro-needling to help brighten and keep the skin rejuvenated are also key.
3. I’m a huge fan of preventive treatments as opposed to waiting until the damage becomes quite deep, things are then harder to treat.

Any skin care no-nos?
I’m not the biggest fan of oils, I find they can be quite contesting, especially for someone who tends to get breakouts. It’s too heavy and can irritate, especially when packed with essential oils.
Teresa is at now based at Daylesford Farm Bamford Spa in the Cotswolds on Thursday and Friday. The rest of the week she is at the Notting Hill, London clinic. For more visit and follow @teresatarmey.