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My Last Supper

My Last Supper - David Gandy

The ‘Last Supper’ is one of our favourite family games...

"The ‘Last Supper’ is one of our favourite family games. We play constantly; by ourselves around the kitchen table, with friends on holiday; in the car on the school run. It never fails to excite." says Willow.

Introducing our guest this month - David Gandy - international model, fashion entrepreneur & gardening enthusiast.


As always we ask:

What would you have for your last meal on earth? A drink, a starter, main course and pudding? You never get full and you can be wherever you want in the world…


Where: I’ll be dining on a space shuttle just so I can see as much of the earth as possible for one final time. 


With: With my daughters, Matilda (4) and Tabitha (1). Mealtimes aren’t exactly relaxing with the two of them, but there is nowhere I’d rather be. 


A drink: It would have to be a perfectly mixed Negroni. Or few… 


A starter: All my best culinary experiences take place in Italy. I don’t know what the dish is officially called, or even if it has a name, but during a visit to Lake Como a few years ago I had a soft-boiled egg yolk with a white truffle flavoured potato. If anyone knows what it is please do tell me so I can try to recreate it! 


Main course: When I shoot the Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue campaigns in Capri I always order the same thing for lunch; Spaghetti alle Vongole. Very little beats sitting in the sun eating this wonderfully simple Italian dish made with the freshest ingredients, paired with a beautiful glass of Gavi di Gavi. 


Pudding: One scoop of pistachio gelato and a double café Macchiato. 



    David Gandy is one of the most recognisable faces in fashion and recently launched his own fashion and lifestyle brand - David Gandy Wellwear which combines two of his great passions; style and well-being. David lives in London with his partner Stephanie and two young daughters, has recently completed a major house renovation and is a gardening enthusiast. Follow @davidgandy_official