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Art - La Filature embroidery artwork

We are captivated by La Filature, the body of work by French artist, Sandrine Torremeder who produces textural beach scenes of southern France. La Filature (roughly translated to 'spinning' in the craft...

We are captivated by La Filature, the body of work by French artist, Sandrine Torremeder who produces textural beach scenes of southern France. La Filature (roughly translated to 'spinning' in the craft term) is a unique art form using embroidery on recycled textiles to achieve a unique result of incredible detail.

Available via select galleries in France and through her Instagram page @la_filature, Sandrine also creates special commissions for brands and private clients. A wonderful memento from a holiday or celebration, perhaps? For now, we're happy to dive into the dreamy escapism of endless summers through Sandrine's exquisite handiwork.

Here we chat with Sandrine to find out more about her craft, favourite artworks, her love of the seaside and more... 

Sandrine's favourite artworks

Where did you grow up?
I was born and raised in the south of France in Céret near Perpignan and the Spanish border, very close to the sea

Have you always liked to create things?
Yes, in my memory I believe that I have always embroidered and tinkered especially doll houses in shoe boxes

When did you start embroidering?
I started at the age of five with my great-grandmother who couldn’t see very well but she still had a book

What about your connection to the sea? Did it start early in life?
I lived all my childhood and adolescence near the Mediterranean and I felt how attached I was to it when I moved away from it for my work

How did you start this work?
I started with very classic embroidery techniques and one day a very good friend told me "you should let go with your embroidery, you can do everything". It was like a click

What about your canvas? Do you use recycled fabric?
I use almost exclusively old fabrics, recycled, worn, torn, I prefer and this makes the works necessarily uniqu

Is it a hobby or a profession? When did that change?
It was for a long time a passion 'necessary' to decompress and this is becoming my profession?

How long does it take you to create a landscape scene?
I can't put an infinite time and that’s what I like because I undo and I do again if the result does not convince me, I never really look at the past time

Tell us about your love for the sea?
In fact I especially like to observe people when they are at the beach: they are always very different, happy, relaxed, I don’t like deserted beaches

What are your three favourite works?
- The Toulon pool which was the first of this series from a photo,
- The pool of the Eden Roc hotel in Cap d'Antibes, very complicated but I was happy to spend such a long time in such a luxurious place (finally embroidering!)
- Bidart Beach

From the left: Toulon Pool artwork next to the photograph of the same, Eden Roc Hotel at Cap d'Antibes artwork next to a photograph, Bidart Beach

Where do you find your inspiration?
In my readings, directly from the photos I take, from some photographers I love, some have become friends

What’s your favourite quote?
'The art of nothing feels good' (seen below in embroidered artwork form)

Your favourite part of France?
Oddly I like the Morvan which is in the center of France and very far from the sea

And your favourite part of the world to travel?
I loved Vietnam which was our last destination 

What’s next for you?
A new exhibition this summer in Arles at Moustique and a new gallery exhibition Néa this autumn on the theme of the city