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Spring table decorating with Willow

I love mixing potted bulbs and cut flowers together introducing as much colour and pattern as possible...

Easter is such an exciting time flower-wise, it feels like the first proper time in the year when we can source really beautiful locally grown flowers, so I can't help going slightly over the top with my Easter table.  I love mixing potted bulbs and cut flowers together introducing as much colour and pattern as possible...

Here I've used a length of Molly Mahon’s strawberry fabric in linen for the tablecloth and used the pinky tones as a starting point for the flowers.  
Vase-wise, I've used a mix of my handblown coloured glass Willow vases and our test tube and bobbly vases.  The test tubes are great for single, taller stems that will help you easily introduce some height without blocking your view across the table.  

For the flowers, I've used some of my favourite mad, red and white stripy 'Flaming Club’ tulips, soft pink 'Foxtrot' parrot tulips, snakes head fritillaries and towering white, neapolitanum alliums. I've also used potted snakes head fritillaries which I've dropped into jam jars and topped with velvety moss that I've picked off a wall in my garden.   If you're picking flowers from your garden, look out for Muscari, paperwhites, blossoms, fritillaries, hellebores, pussy willow, forsythia; all of which are in flower now.

Candles have a key role, even in the daytime; I love the feel they create.  I often mix candle colours but if the flowers and cloth are really bright or patterned, more often than not, ill keep it simple and go for cream, (not white)  taper candles.  Try and vary the heights of the candles;  we’ve got some new low-lying holders which are very helpful for getting that up-and-down feel. Tea lights in glass holders are another simple way of adding light lower down and a handy wind protector if you're celebrating outside.

I love sprinkling things down the table, in and around the flowers.  Easter is the perfect time for this with so many beautiful little chocolate eggs on offer!  The dusty pastel mini eggs are still my faves and  I sprinkle them down the table as well as filling up little bonbon bowls with them. As much as I love a creme egg, the packaging never quite suits my colour schemes!  You can also source blown quails eggs (eBay)  that look divine nestled in and among the flowers and on top of the mossy bulbs.

If you're entertaining with children, add a little playfulness by tying the napkins into bunnies' ears like here in the photo.  Very simply roll the napkin into a sausage and then wrap it around a hard-boiled or blown egg, pinning the ‘ears’ together at the top with a pretty ribbon.  This is an antique green ribbon I found in a French market about twenty years ago.

Bon appétit and happy easter!

Love, Willow