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Tortilla Chips & Green Hummus with Crispy Herbs by Matilda Carr

We served these with cocktails at our Supper By Candlelight - so delicious!

Tortilla Chips & Green Hummus with Crispy Herbs by Matilda Carr

Tortilla chips: 
1 x packet Flour tortilla wraps (will make a lot, so you can use less if preferred but they keep for ages in a container) 
Sunflower/ vegetable oil 
Sea salt flakes 

Green hummus: 
Olive oil 
Bunch of chives 
Bunch of Parsley
1 x lemon
1 x garlic clove  
Teaspoon of cumin 
Half a jar of good-quality chickpeas
 (I use Bold Beanco Queen chickpeas) 
Salt and pepper 
To make tortilla chips: 
Cut the flour tortillas into triangles 
Heat your fryer to 180 or if you don’t have one fill a pan half way up with veg oil and heat up. Once the oil has reached temperature drop the tortillas in (best to do in batches as you don’t want to overcrowd them). Move them around a bit with a wooden spoon so that they get nice and crisp all over. You’ll want to watch them as they can burn easily. Once they are dark golden brown and crispy they are ready! Take them out of the oil and lay them on kitchen towel - you don’t want them to be oily. Sprinkle with sea salt flakes and leave to cool. 
To make crispy herb garnish: 
Cut the leaves of any herb of your choice, I’ve used parsley! 
Drop in your hot oil for literally 10-20 seconds until crisp (you want them to keep the bright green colour so important not to leave in too long!). 
Lay on kitchen roll ready to garnish your hummus. 

To make green hummus:
For the hummus to be nice and green you want to blend the garlic, chives and parsley in the magi mix first with about 3-4 tablespoons of olive oil first to release the green! Then add your chickpeas, 2 x tablespoons of Tahini, juice of a lemon (or half if you prefer) and a teaspoon of cumin powder. 
Blend until it’s a lovely smooth consistency (using good chickpeas will make all the difference) then season with salt and pepper to taste. If it is still not as smooth as you want it to be, slowly drizzle olive oil down the top of the magi mix until you get the right consistency. 
Serve in a bowl and add your crispy herbs on top. 


My food and table design reflect the natural landscape of the outside world. It’s always sumptuous, really delicious and brings a wonderful atmosphere to large gatherings or small intimate dinners. Matilda Carr

by Matilda delivers exquisite private catering and floral design and is known for our fresh, delicious seasonal produce and stunning table landscapes. With a background in interior design and food, Matilda set up the business in 2018. Her ideas are inspired by the countryside, the produce in local markets and seasonal changes which she tailors to suit the needs of her customers. From canapés to picnics, dinner parties to christenings, brand events, weddings and more.

Find out more about Matilda Carr - & follow here @_by_matilda