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Forever Summer

Willow on the inspiration behind the Late Summer Tabletop Collection ...

Our new tableware collection keeps the ‘forever summer’ vibe alive, long into the autumn months where we always hope for an Indian Summer! The collection is a very British late summer celebration of florals, stripes & frolicking outdoors in the fading light... 

The 16-piece collection features faded blue and white striped linens layered with beautiful hand-painted floral dinnerware comprising plates, bowls and loving cups in verdant green and dusty pink to mix & match on long tables - outdoors for as long as possible! Wavy lined and floral print candlesticks finished in hand-painted blue on white china add a nostalgic feel that suits every occasion and season. Blue linen bows tie around striped linen napkins with raffia rings. Terracotta jugs and bud vases bring a rustic feel with a pop of blue. Spotted glassware, in blue & brown hues, keeps the look modern and chic. Simply add wildflowers, late summer roses and dahlias, and matching coloured dinner & scented candles to take you through to autumn and beyond…

I’ve loved this design (on plates & bowls) ever since we went to Italy when I was about five and we bought back some pieces from San Gimignano, home to this particular pattern. There was one pink jug that I especially loved and has definitely been the inspiration behind the collection...
What are your favourite pieces in the collection?
The pink loving cup fills me with so much joy I might explode.

What inspired the colour palette for this collection?
I've loved this pattern ever since we went to Italy when I was about five and we bought back some pieces from San Gimignano, home to this particular pattern. There was one particular pink jug that I especially loved and has definitely been the inspiration behind the collection.

Those beautiful linens are back, this time in blue and so are the bows! Can you tell us more about the ever-expanding bow bar?
We will be adding a new bow or two to the bar each season; the aim is you can pick and mix with each collection. All the bows can be attached to the napkin rings but are also pre-tied which means they can also be tied to other things - your hair, as a bow tie, back of a chair… endless bow-portunities!

This is your first collection to introduce tableware - can you tell us about the beautiful floral print plates & bowls in this collection and your choice of pattern & colour?
I do have a small plate obsession and couldn't wait to introduce them. Boring logistics have put us off selling plates and bigger crockery for years but when we came across these, I couldn't restrain myself.

The shoot location for this collection is so beautiful and the perfect spot for a late summer lunch! Can you tell us more?
We shot it in my parent's greenhouse in Wales, one of my favourite places to hangout in the World; the scent of the geraniums, the giant towering nicotiana syvelstris, the blue plumbago matching the blue stripes, it couldn’t have been a more perfect setting.

Any tips to share when styling the Forever Summer collection?
Embrace the madness. Mix the colours, mix the patterns, add mad, bold stripy dahlias and echinacea and enjoy!

Favourite late summer flowers to add to the table?
Dahlias. I'm really loving the Honka and Bishop varieties at the moment ( Bishops of Dover and Oxford). Echicnacea, Japanese anemones and the last of the sweetpeas.

Best flowers for the floral loving cups?
Anything really but think about proportion, small to medium heads work best, the super-big dinner plate dahlias dont look right proportionally. Ive been filling mine with sweetpeas and garden roses and they look divine...

What dinner candle colours would you choose to mix with the collection?
Well, i've been playing with the dusty blue and green together with the green plates and the purple and soft pinks with the pinks but genuinely, I think any of them will be fab, the more colour you can introduce the better!

What are your picnic essentials?
Mini sausages.

And to serve with tea?
Cake. Victoria sponge with fresh cream.

Drink for a late summer sundowner?
Vodka with freshly squeezed orange juice.

How we do keep warm in style as the sunlight fades?
Lots of layers. I'm always freezing and never without one of my merino wool base layers that I wear hidden under everything. Cos have brilliant ones and Me & Em have just introduced some with hoods that are tempting.

What do you love doing in the garden most during the late summer?
Harvesting wild sweetpea seeds. They make the best presents. I put them in little brown envelopes and paint little labels on them.

What are you wearing to keep the forever summer vibe alive?
We spent so much time surfing in Bali this summer and sharing clothes with our boys that ive begun dressing like a teenager again! Baggy boyfriend jeans, bright tracksuit bottoms, Adidas Gazelle trainers and vintage oversized t-shirts. Im not sure how this will translate into winter dressing!

A scent that evokes late summer for you?
Tomato leaf. It reminds me of being in my parent's polytunnel in Wales.

THIS OR THAT? Indian Summers

Home or abroad? A bit of both
Morning or evening? Morning
Roses or dahlias? I can’t answer that!
Cotton or cashmere? Cashmere
Figs or plums? Figs
Less or More? More for sure