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Talking tulips - Willow's top ten

Willow tells us where to buy our tulips so we're ready to get them in the ground in late autumn...

Choosing tulip bulbs can take me days, sometimes weeks of deliberation. Do I want stripy, miss-matched madness again? (more than likely.) Or maybe a change this time and we go for something soft; some calming pastels, a sea of whites? But then I do Iove colour so surely something stronger and bolder would be best... a vibrant Venetian mix would be very life-enhancing ... Maybe this year, I make my life easier and go for an already-designed collection? But that’s too easy and surely I should come up with my own fabulous concoction? As I said, it takes weeks.

If you have endless bulb catalogues stacked up on your kitchen table like I do, you’ll be aware that time is ticking and we’re going to need to get the bulbs in the ground soonish - but unlike daffodils and hyacinths, we have got until November to plant - but then there’s the risk having made the list that your chosen ones are out of stock. I’ve whittled down my favourites hoping it might make your decision-making slightly easier.

Sarah Raven is always my first port of call.   They may be more expensive than other suppliers but there is a reason for this. Most growers leave their bulbs in the soil for two years to mature; Sarah leaves hers in for a whole year longer which makes them stronger, bigger and better quality than many.  She’s very kindly given us a discount code WC22TUL which will provide 20% off everything in the Sarah Raven range until 2nd October 2022.
Other trusted suppliers are De Jaeger, Farmer Gracy and Parkers Wholesale.