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Sweet Spring Lilac

Willow shows you how to care, condition & arrange sweet Spring lilacs...
"It's the time of the season to celebrate lilac in all her soft, sweet beauty. Some people hold on to the superstitions around bringing lilac inside. Not me though, they are simply too beautiful to not have a place in my home during early Spring". 
Here's how to care, condition & arrange sweet Spring lilacs (hint: in our new green or lilac rimmed Willow vases) … 


Step by Step:

Remove as much leaf as you can bear and certainly above the water line
Cut up the stem vertically from the bottom for about an inch 
Boil the kettle and plunge 10% of the length of the stem in the boiling water to sear it, taking care to avoid steaming the petals
Leave for about 30 seconds then plunge into cold water to avoid cooking the stem
Arrange on her own - perhaps with a few small bud vases (our new Willow vases are perfect for this) and dot down the table or create a romantic mix with seasonal blossom
Keep water fresh and topped up 
Try to to keep her lasting as long as possible by staying cool and avoid direct sunlight and drafts

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