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Create Winter Bulb Terrarium

Willow shows you how to create winter bulb terrariums....
"One of my favourite ways of bringing nature into the house at this time of year is with forced bulbs," says Willow. "The tall bell jars make the bulbs look like specimens as well as supporting the flowers as they grow taller."
"Remember to think about the colours of bulbs you are buying.  I love a mix of red amaryllis with a hot pink Woodstock Hyacinth whereas as I am not a fan of a red and white combo!"
Below Willow takes you through how to create winter bulb terrariums to bring colour and life to your homes this season. You can also watch Willow's how-to video here...

You will need:

- Two Amaryllis bulbs
- 1 forced hyacinth bulb
- 1 bell jar
- 1 metre length of (two-sided if possible) velvet ribbon
- Reindeer moss or normal moss
- Larch branches (optional)


Step by Step:

Ideally, try and find a lovely recycled bell jar. Just because they’re prettier. 
If the bulbs you are using are potted in soil, remove all the soil by gently brushing it all off.  If you want them squeaky clean, you can wash the soil off gently.

Lay a little duvet of moss on the base of the jar.

Next add the bulbs and a little more moss to make it all cosy in there for them!
Finish off by tying the velvet ribbon around the neck of the vase.

Add a trickle of water every few days.

For more flowery inspiration follow @willowcrossleycreates