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Willow's Way with Nasturtiums

Willow's autumn arrangement in a footed bowl...

“An airy, colourful ‘heaven in a bowl’ autumn arrangement!”

Using four flower ingredients - Nasturtiums, Pelargonium, Acidanthera & Cosmos in our hand thrown footed bowl with a flower frog.

The Nasturtiums are a beautiful marbled variety from Matthew Rice's farm in Oxfordshire and the Acidanthra are grown in pots by Willow's front door.

Here Willow gives some tips on recreating this beautiful arrangement that she made at September workshops.

You can also watch Willow talk through the process here


Use four flower ingredients - Nasturtiums, Pelargonium, Acidanthera & Cosmos but you can add anything you have to hand to complement the nasturtiums if you don't have all of these available


This is best created in a low bowl-style vase so that the arrangement can spill out over the sides and the nasturtiums can do their wayward thing! Our handmade footed bowl shown in the arrangement works perfectly


Use a flower frog placed in water at the bottom of the bowl. This will help secure the stems of the nasturtiums and other flowers


Think about proportion - I usually suggest the vase or container should be a third of the height of the overall arrangement. Make this one wild and free and let the nasturtium stems lead the way...


Place stems and leaves strategically so that you cover and conceal the frog in the bottom of the bowl from view


Enjoy your beautiful Autumnal arrangement and move her around the house to appreciate!