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Waking up your dahlias

If you haven't got them up already, now is the time to wake our dahlias...

If you haven't got them up already, now is the time to wake up our dahlias.  Until now, the dahlias have been hibernating nicely (hopefully away from the mice) and are ready to be gently woken and prepared for action.

Take your tubers and spread them out, either in wooden crates / recycled plant pots / planting trays or whatever you have to hand and cover them in damp compost.  They don't need to be fully submerged,  three quarters covered is great.

Store in a  greenhouse or on a windowsill, somewhere away from the frost and very slowly, they will come back to life. Make sure you don't let the compost dry out, check on them at least once a week, maybe more if they're hanging out somewhere really warm,  and eventually you will notice tiny green shoots start to appear.

Once the shoots appear, and all risk of frost has passed, you can then put them out where you want them; in pots or directly in the border.  In between now and then, if there are any lovely warm days, you can ‘harden them off’ by putting them outside in the daytime but making sure you bring them In at night.

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