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Mother's Day potted teacups with Willow

Willow inspires you to create some potted teacups for Mothers's Day

When my boys were younger they would proudly present me with their homemade mother’s day cards inside which was taped a tea bag for my breakfast in bed. This got me thinking that a teacup brimming with beautiful spring bulbs would be a perfect finishing touch to a breakfast tray.

Make these for your own mother or hint for your children to help create these for your breakfast tray (that is also hopefully laden with delicious and spoiling treats!).



Any small vessel could be used for this, most of us have a couple of espresso cups, a delicate tea set or an ornate sugar bowl waiting in the wings for a special outing. A single cup makes an ideal addition to a tray, or you could gather a variation of sizes and patterns in the centre of a breakfast table, dotted between the coffee pot and croissants.

Potted muscari bulbs can be found in every garden centre and most big supermarkets at this time of year - dwarf iris, crocus and snowdrops would be great too.  If you are planting up several cups or bowls all together, try selecting a riot of colours, shapes and heights to group as a display.

Remove the plastic nursery pot and pop your bulbs with their soil straight into your teacup. If you need to raise their height just add some fine gravel or sand into the bottom of the cup. This will also stop the roots from stagnating in water.

Moss means Mother’s Love in the language of flowers, so add it in abundance if you have saved any from your Christmas or spring wreaths! If it is a little dry, treat it to a good soak which will bring it back to life, squeezing out any excess water. Tuck the moss around the base of the bulbs and around the edges of the soil to keep the moisture in.

Remember to water sparingly,  we don’t want the roots sitting in water and ideally keep in a cool spot away from direct sunlight if kept indoors. The best part is your bulbs can be planted out in the garden ready to bring more joy again next year.

Happy UK Mother's Day!
Love Willow