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Rainbow Summer

Willow on the inspiration behind her Rainbow Summer tabletop collection...

"My dream summer table for entertaining at home & in the garden - lots of colour, movement & flowery inspiration...".

Willow's Rainbow Summer tabletop collection is Inspired by Italian Venetian summers - swirly glassware, chic wooden boats, gelato from cups in the sunshine, colourful trailing ribbons, bright candied sweets; and plenty of stripes, of course! This happy, romantic summer collection features the finest striped linens in a beautiful flecked and faded pink & white; Filigrano swirly bud vases with rainbow and raspberry hues in varied shapes designed to be grouped together; chic rippled glassware (drinking glasses, vases & candlesticks) and the prettiest hand-painted floral plates.

This is a fun, fresh, and feminine tabletop collection designed to be layered and celebrated in dappled sunshine, around the table, all summer long...

I have loved Italian filigrana vases forever and adored designing these mad rainbow swirly vessels of joy!

What are your favourite pieces in the collection? 
The rainbow Filigrana vases. I’m absolutely in love with them and their colourful joyful swirls!

What was the process of designing and having the vases made?
We found the wonderful French glass blower, Pierrot Doremus, who created the beautiful five-piece collection based on my designs. The fine twisting strands of colour are more vibrant and glowing than I could have ever dreamed of, and the perfectly weighted crystal glass is wonderfully satisfying to play with flowers in. Each vase is beautiful as a stand-alone piece or will group happily in pairs or trios - more colour = more joy!

The striped linens are back!
Yes, our third run of stripes! This time in a painterly faded pink on a cream background - heaven! A generous tablecloth (to fit 8 round the table) and matching lovely, big, soft napkins. Beautiful layered with the bright colour and fun of the filigrana vases and paper poppies, floral plates and pared back glassware.

And the beautiful floral print plates! 
We love the plates and they go so beautifully on the pink & cream striped linens - it's a floral design I love so much we may make them into table linens ... stay tuned! 

What dinner candle colours would you choose to mix with the collection?
As many colours of the rainbow as I can find! I love the mix of ocean and mint greens with faded and bright pinks and purples to add extra colour and wow!


    Paper poppies are the leading ladies in the Rainbow Summer collection for everlasting joy at home. The highly anticipated third drop from our hugely popular collaboration with crepe paper flower artist, Krishanthi Armitt. Willow has chosen five incredibly beautiful poppies - a coral pink, blush pink, pale citrine, deep lilac with plum centre, and a show-stopping red on white fringe based on the Danish Flag poppy. 

    Created to display together, or with flowers in season.  Willow loves to mix them up with flowers in season and arrange in the rainbow filigrana vases, of course!

    I love to mix the paper poppies with solomon seal and tulips and I'm looking forward to arranging them with dahlias from the garden come September...

    See Willow arrange the paper poppies in the rainbow filigrana vases here.

    Discover the Rainbow Summer Collection here. Read more about the paper flower creations here. Follow Willow for more inspiration for finding joy every day.