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My Last Supper

My Last Supper - Matilda Goad

A barefoot garden supper...

"My Last Supper is one of our favourite family games. We play constantly; by ourselves around the kitchen table, with friends on holiday; in the car on the school run. It never fails to excite." says Willow. 

 Our guest this month is Matilda Goad, the founder and creative director of her eponymous homewares brand, designed in London & loved worldwide.

 As always we ask:

What would you have for your last meal on earth? A drink, a starter, a main course and pudding? You never get full and you can be wherever you want in the world…

I’d have tons of candles, great music and would definitely be barefoot...

My dream dinner is in our garden on a warm summer’s evening, I love pulling together a mix of friends and family - more the merrier, I’m very used to pulling out chairs from my bathroom or kids' room to house extra guests. I’d have tons of candles great music and would definitely be barefoot. 

I’d start with an Aperol spritz with tons of ice in a big glass. 
Tuna crudo with avocado and a very citrusy dressing is delicious and so fresh, I love it served with those big blue tortilla chips - perfect for a sharing starter. 
A friend introduced me to Alison Roman’s roast chicken with leeks a few years ago and I’m obsessed - I serve it with a really zesty salsa verde, crispy mc cains fries, and a green leaf salad.
I could eat fruit every day for the rest of my life and a huge bowl of berries with those huge juicy blackberries, white currents, and raspberries is the perfect digest after a big dinner.
I’d probably have a couple of bars of choccy on the table too!


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